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About Us


Who are we?

Onward 2020 is a community built on the purpose of spreading the name of Howard Schultz. 

Former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz is responsible for the company’s exponential growth and social impact. Schultz bought Starbucks and its 6 stores with the help of investors in 1987 and today the company has over 29,000 stores worldwide.

Father, author, and visionary are all noteworthy accolades. But it his love for the individual, cherishing of human connection, and nurturing of the human spirit that are the cores of his success.


We Believe.

We believe in a bright future. We believe in a future where leadership is not a place where someone sits, but an act of those brave and loving souls coming along side one another to offer a helping hand. We believe we see this in Howard Schultz.


What’s our “Why" ?

We want Howard Schultz for President of the United States in 2020. 

“Success is best when it’s shared” is our motivating quote. Schultz believes in selfless ambition and has displayed this time and time again.

Success for humanity is not about one person, but all of us joining in care for one other.

With a great leader, a loving, honorable, and joyous society shall emerge.

We are here to empower those who believe the same by providing a platform for sharing this hope. 

Use this site and community for the purchasing of physical goods that will spread this message: “HOWARD FOR PRESIDENT!”

Please join us, follow us, and spread the news via our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter.

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The larger our community becomes, the stronger of a force we will be for our hopeful 2020 Presidential Candidate, Howard Schultz.