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Who is Howard Schultz?

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Who is Howard Schultz? Type the question in Google and 18 million results are found.

Top results likely focus on the topics of activism, his recent stepping down from the position as Starbucks’ CEO and even better; recent speculation of a potential “public service” focused future.

A man who is known for building one of the most successful and widely known global brands surely deserves the attention he receives, but who is Howard Schultz?

Howard’s career has been defined by his reshaping of the roles and moral responsibilities of a for-profit company.

Under the guidance of Mr Schultz, Starbucks has molded a better experience for all positions in their workforce.

Starbucks Partners are employees, yet hold ownership in the company, meanwhile receiving some of the most substantial benefits in the food and beverage industry. Even those in part time positions received these benefits.

In 1988 Howard extended health care coverage to full and part time employees, even for domestic partnerships. It was very rare to see a company offer benefits to part-timers at this point in history. Howard furthered his public stance on equality by expressing his firm views on marriage equality, committing to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses, and creating pathways for opportunity with the option for partners to receive a four-year bachelor’s degree, tuition free.

Schultz believes “Not every decision is an economic decision,” and he has been known to make headlines with insightful statements regarding social issues that our country and humanity faces today.

From racial tension to gun laws, Schultz is not one to sit in silence. He is deeply motivated by the spirit and promise of America.

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